Hand Tool Rescue Wrench

Hand Tool Rescue Wrench

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The finest in antique wrenchery, this wrench is based off an 1879 Patent by Charles Billings.  Each one is made from 1/2in solid steel and case-hardened, just like it was made back then.  Left-handed wrenches have the open slot and markings milled on the other side than in the photos.

Compared to modern adjustable wrenches, the finer threads on the adjuster of this wrench allow for a tighter grip on fasteners. The jaws, being perpendicular to the handle, allow for more potential torque when the wrench is being used in line with the fastener (see video). A rougher sanded border is added to the handle of the wrench for more grip, especially if your hands are oily. The jaw design also fits square nuts and bolts perfectly. This 6in/15cm long wrench was originally rated for use with nuts and bolts up to 0.75in/2cm, but the jaws open to just under 1.5in/3.8cm if you need that extra distance. For more details and further explanation you can watch the reproduction video on the homepage.



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