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Hand Tool Rescue Medium Screwdriver DIY Kit
Hand Tool Rescue Medium Screwdriver DIY Kit
Hand Tool Rescue Medium Screwdriver DIY Kit

Hand Tool Rescue Medium Screwdriver DIY Kit

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The finest in antique screwdrivery, this screwdriver is based on an 1904 patent by William Ward, but with several modern improvements.

Each screwdriver is made from 1144 steel, ~9in/22.8cm long, and weighs 0.44lb/200g.  The square shaft is 3/8in/0.95cm thick.  The blade is 0.5in/1.27cm wide and 1/16in/0.3cm thick. 

The blade on the screwdriver is now a consistent width, unlike the tapered design of most modern screwdrivers, to assist in removal of countersunk screws.  The blade tip also has a hollow-ground design ensuring 1/10in/2.5mm of the tip is parallel, allowing for maximum engagement with the fastener.  The handle has been re-positioned so that it is perpendicular with the blade to allow for increased strength when using the screwdriver for prying.  The handle has also been designed to encapsulate the handle scales, so that even without brass pins, the scales will stay in place.  The square shaft allows you to use wrenches to increase the amount of torque you can apply to the fastener if they are really stuck!

This Do-It-Yourself kit includes 1 screwdriver and 2 brass pins.  You must make the handle scales yourself out of any material you choose! The 3D model and 2D template for the handle scales are available here and here, respectively.  If you choose to heat treat the screwdriver as well, you can follow that process here.  Heat treating 1144 steel is very easy and only requires a blowtorch and vegetable oil, with no tempering needed afterward.

Ships within ~2 weeks from ordering.

Screwdriver handle template.

Screwdriver handle CAD model.

Each screwdriver is UNIQUELY NUMBERED.


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